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Jax, fka Smudge has been adopted into a wonderful family! Shortly before his adoption, they were "warned" by some co-workers that a pit bull would be dangerous to have around their young daughter. As frustrating as this is to hear, it's not the first time some of our alumni have come to us with a story like this, often coming from trusted sources such as family and friends. We spent time reassuring Jax's family that the coworkers were simply misinformed and had likely been inundated with all the myths that are out there about pit bull behavior.

We educated them about proper training and management, and encouraged them to contact us if they had any questions about Jax's behavior as he grows up. They felt at ease after sitting down with our adoption coordinator and fell head over heels for Jax after just one night. We are so happy when our adopters come to us with open hearts and minds, and a willingness to learn.