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ACPB Adoption Questionnaire

Hi there! We are excited to introduce you to our wonderful family dogs. Completing this brief questionnaire will help us get to know you a little and will help guide us as we work with you to find a dog that matches your lifestyle, preferences, etc. Just like people, every dog has a different personality and needs, and we look forward to helping you find a great match. After completing this questionnaire, an ACPB representative will contact you to begin the process of finding your next companion.

Basic Information
Additional Information
If you currently have pets, please tell us about them:
Miscellaneous Info to Help Us Help More Dogs
And Finally...
ACPB asks for a non-tax-deductible gift of $250 ($350 for puppies) to help rescue, provide medical care, spay, and neuter, board and place other abandoned dogs. (Inability to make a donation does not disqualify an applicant from consideration).