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Success stories

Stella (fka Dasha) has been adopted! Stella's family contacted us after they saw her photos and description on our website. They had recently lost their dog Maddie, and tried to wait before adding a dog to their home again, but realized very quickly that it wasn't the same without one. Stella and her new family live four houses down from a park and hiking trail where they hike first thing every morning. This routine is fantastic for Stella, who requires daily exercise. She also benefits from their love for obedience and tricks training.
Leila's (fka Peony) mom recently moved to LA from NYC and one of the first things she wanted to do was adopted a dog. She contacted us with a number of our dogs on her list for potential adoption. She met them all, but none were quite the right match, and finally she met Leila who was just right.
Carmel's (fka Mimi) mom contacted us interested in adoption. We spoke to her about a couple of dogs we had available and she settled on meeting sweet Mimi. Once she met her, she knew that Mimi was her forever dog. Now called Carmel, she is settled in her home where they have a shared yard with their neighbor, who also happen to be her mom's best friend. She has two dogs who get to go freely to both houses throughout the day -- perfect playmates for Carmel.
Finley (fka Hamilton) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Finley's parents met him and spent a lot of time with him at the center -- of course they couldn't resist this handsome guy and shortly adopted him. Finley is settled in with his new family and all is going well; they report he is the sweetest dog and they just love him. We have the honor of regularly seeing Finley and his dad on our pack hikes, and are thrilled they join us.
Fred's foster family just couldn't let him go and have decided to adopt him! During his time in our program, Fred had the luxury of living with two very committed foster families, and one of them is now his forever family. We are so happy for them all, congratulations!
Butch Cassidy's (fka Marlo) dad contacted us interested in adoption, and at the time Butch entered a foster home in our program. The two met and the rest is history! Butch is a very well-behaved and mellow puppy; he likes to nap under the his dad's bed, and sleeps contently in his crate. He even goes to work with his dad during the day.
Leia (fka Poppy) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Leia walked into the center in the morning and left the same evening with her adopter! Leia's new papa has been a long time fan of Best Friends Animal Society; he learned about the center and decided to go check out some dogs. After meeting a few pups, Poppy came in and stole the show.
Kovu (fka Earl) has been adopted! Kovu's parents contacted us with interest after they saw his online profile, and were very excited to adopt their first dog together -- they even bought supplies and a name tag before they met him!
The Land Before Time Puppies have all been adopted! These puppies were with us for a blink of an eye before they were all claimed by eager adopters. Boo (fka Little Foot), Spike, Snoop (fka Petrie), Savannah (fka Ducky), and Holly (fka Cera) are all settled in with their new families in incredible and loving homes.
Jaxon's mom (on the right) adopted him in record time after his arrival at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. She has always had rescue dogs and really missed having one so she visited the center where she met her new puppy.


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