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Success stories

Bam Bam (fka Smoochie) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Bam Bam's family had pit bulls growing up and were interested in adopting another. They'd visited the NKLA Center a couple times, but just did not find their adoption match. They first learned of Smoochie when their friend, who also happened to be her foster, posted her photo on Facebook. She mentioned to them that Smoochie was heading to NKLA Pet Adoption Center and they acted quickly to meet here there, where they ended up adopting her!
Hutch's mom knew she wanted to adopt and had some experience in the past with fostering pit bulls. She found us on Petfinder and got in touch with our adoptions coordinator who recommended she head to the NKLA center to check out our dogs. At the center she'd planned to look at female dogs since she had always had females in the past, but then she met Hutch and knew that he was the best match for her.
Pancake's new mom started following us on Facebook after a local rescuer referred her to our organization. She emailed us after seeing Pancake posted on our page for Foster Friday, as she had fallen in love with her name and cute face from the moment she saw her. A meet and greet was arranged and she immediately knew Pancake was a great match for her family.
Lucy (fka Miley) has been adopted! Lucy's mom submitted an adoption application in February hoping we could match her with one of our dogs. Her family has a couple of pit bull mixes that she loves and she wanted to adopt one of her own. After a quick conversation with her, a meet and greet was arranged and they adoption was finalized.
Mouse has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Mouse's parents first noticed him when they scrolled past the "baseball puppies" on our Facebook page and saw our posting of him. They contacted us just as Mouse was heading on over to the NKLA center, and then ran over to meet him immediately. They arrived before we could even complete his intake forms - making this adoption a record at the center for amount of time spent there!
Moxi (fka Pebbles) has been adopted! Moxi's family contacted us after seeing an ad on They were interested in adopting a dog who would fit into a family with cats, small dogs and small children, so it was decided that a puppy would be the best fit, and they decided to meet Pebbles.
Beaux's family has been following us on Facebook and always checking our website. The day we posted Beau(x) for Foster Friday, they contacted us immediately to start the process of adopting him. From there, a meet and greet was set up, and the adoption was finalized!
Ozzie has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Ozzie's new parents visited NKLA when it opened in August and kept up with the website from time to time. When they saw Ozzie's picture they went in to meet him, and made their decision! Ozzie will be their first dog together as a couple, although they both have some dog experience through relatives. They wanted to rescue a pit bull and are excited to be a part of this community.
Nyla (fka Evie) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Nyla's dad saw her posted on our Facebook page and went to the NKLA Pet Center to meet her the same day. He has had pets all his life and was looking for his next best friend - and he found her in Evie.
Shalane's foster family decided to "put a leash on it" and she is officially home. Her foster family has seen quite a few dogs from our program through their front door, and they have been incredibly generous letting our dogs crash at their place until they found their forever homes. Perhaps, not so secretly, they have been hoping that one would stay forever; shortly after Shalane stepped into their house with her overnight bag, they knew she was the one.


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