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Success stories

Poptart's dad completed an adoption application with us. He was looking for a dog he could travel with and take on outings. He had a few of our dogs on his list - we all agreed that Poptart was the right dog for him.
Boscoe was found as a stray by a good samaritan who reached out to us for help. On our advice, Boscoe was taken to the West LA Shelter to give him a chance to be reunited with his previous family. However, we had just adopted out a few dogs and had an open spot, so when no one stepped forward to claim him, he officially joined our program.
Ripley (fka Trudie) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Ripley's new mom is a caregiver at the center, who had gotten to know her since she first arrived. She reached out to us for approval to have a sleepover with Ripley, which went so well she decided to adopt!
Grace (fka Shuri) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Grace's new family attended the one year celebration event at the center where they met this wonderful dog.
Dahlia (fka Sabrina) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Dahlia's family visited the center after one of their dogs passed about 6 months ago. They have always had 4 dogs, and were looking to complete their pack. They saw Dahlia online and went to the center the next day to take her home.
Tommy's family completed our adoption questionnaire him after seeing his adorable tap dancing video with Red; they knew instantly that Tommy was the dog for them. We agreed and the adoption was finalized! Tommy is settled in his new home where he enjoys going to work with his dad and canine sibling, Ka Pow.
Sage (fka Maisie) has been adopted! Sage's family originally met her at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. They reached out to us with interest in fostering her, so that they could get to know her a little better outside of the center. We knew they were terrific dog owners and took them up on their offer, which also opened up a space at the center for another dog.
Delilah and her new family are bonding nicely! They participate in our Community Training Class to brush up on training skills and work on commands.
Red's new family created this incredibly clever adoption announcement with the photo below. We could not imagine a better way to announce this guy and his family's happy news! Red came to ACPB as quite the shy boy, but as he blossomed in our program, his silly and comedic personality began to come out. What a hoot he is to be around!
Roscoe (fka Richie) has been adopted! Roscoe's dad met and adopted him at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. He had been waiting waiting a long time to be able to add a dog to his family again and when he was ready, he searched pit bull rescues online and found the pet adoption center. He met Richie, who's mellow personality won him over!


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