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Success stories

Shelley has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center and she looks pretty happy about it! She joins a fun family with two little girls who just adore their new furry sister. Congratulations Shelley!
Bishop and Bucky Bear (fka Theo) have been ADOPTED! Puppies Bishop and Theo came to us via the South LA shelter Intervention Table. They were hand raised by a sweet man after their mom died. Their siblings found homes but the two boys remained without homes of their own, as their current owner at the time recently lost his job and knew that he couldn't afford to raise them. He cried when he brought them to the intervention table, which was very touching, and we were happy to help them find homes.
Bear, formerly known as Mindy has been adopted! Her new family reached out to us because they wanted a small pit bull friend for their current dog Holly. Tiny little Bear had just joined our program and she was a wonderful choice for them.
Sometimes the right dog comes along at an unexpected time ... When one of our volunteers went to walk Coco at her foster home she fell in love with her. She and her parter weren't quite ready for a second dog just yet, but they couldn't stop thinking about Coco. They knew she was the perfect dog for them and couldn't pass up the opportunity to adopt her.
Fitz (fka Billy) has been adopted! Here is what his new family has to say about him, "We feel so lucky! He loves long walks on the beach, his ball and napping in the sand. Such a good lad! Thanks for giving him a chance! "
Bethany has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Bethany's new dad wasted no time getting to the center to adopt her. Once he saw her supermodel good looks, he wanted to get to her before someone else snapped her up. And of course once he met her face to face he knew he'd made the right decision.
Dottie has been adopted into the forever home of her dreams! Dottie's people contacted us looking for a dog who would fit well into a cat-friendly home. Fortunately, Dottie had been fostered in a home with cats and demonstrated to us just how well she could live with kitties. She's now fitting in perfectly, and we hear she's even learning how to swim in their pool on hot summer days!
Cookie has been adopted! The kids absolutely loved her name, and the whole family fell hard when they met her. Plus, how could anyone not love her huge personality? We are kind of jealous of her new swimming pool (pictured), and we can't wait to see some photos of Cookie in her lifejacket and swimmies! Congratulations to Cookie and her new family!
Gloria Jacranda aka Jaki (fka Peaches) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center​! Jaki's adopter came to us through another one of our alumni families. She fell in love with their puppy, and asked for our help in finding the perfect pup of her own. Sweet and cuddly, little Jaki was a hit!
Hailey has been adopted! She now has a brother named Tatum, pictured below with her, who has dealt with a bit of separation anxiety in the past. The addition of Hailey to his home has helped him overcome his anxiety tremendously! We were thrilled to see that Tatum and Hailey were an instant match when introduced.


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