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Success stories

Sometimes we are just so excited to announce an adoption that we can't even contain ourselves. It's really hard to capture just how thrilled we are to announce that Baxter has been adopted!
Logan found his perfect match and has been adopted! Logan and his new dad were made for each other.
Gizmo, now known as Dr. Bruce Banner, has been adopted! A recent note from his mom describes him perfectly: "I renamed him Dr. Bruce Banner (the hulk) aka Banner because he is smart and obedient, but lovable and endearing, like the Hulk. When we are in the house, he acts like a doctor: patient and poised, and ONLY during playtime he can be the Hulk."
Allie has been adopted, and now she's on a boat! She is living the dream with her forever family -- what a lucky girl!
Shy girl Ella (fka Winnie) has been adopted, and she is getting all the cuddles a sweet dog like her could ever imagine! Ella joins a very animal friendly home with chickens, cats and other dogs to keep her company. However, she is most excited to be with people who adore her, which they obviously do.
Izzy (fka Isabelle) has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center​! Izzy's new family absolutely adores her, and have been sending her pictures around to the rest of family to show off their new baby girl. We love happy endings like this!
Zoey (fka Zena) has been adopted into a wonderful home. Zoey has always enjoyed going running with her foster mama, so it was kismet when an active couple wanted to meet her. They've been keeping Zoey on her toes by attending our community classes and pack hikes.
Zella (fka Jade) has been adopted! This once shy girl has settled right in to her new lifestyle: living by the beach, accompanying mom to work and hanging out with friends -- what a life! She loves her new people and they adore her. We are so excited for Zella!
Penelope (fka Naomi) has been adopted! This easy going young lady is so amazing that she was adopted in a flash. She often has a pensive, furrowed brow, but don't let that fool you. Penelope is truly excited about all of the exercise she'll be getting in her new home with her active mama. Congratulations, sweet girl!
The adorable Crouton has been adopted from the NKLA Pet Adoption Center! Congratulations to his new mom for choosing an amazing little guy!


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