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Success stories

Kovu (fka Earl) has been adopted! Kovu's parents contacted us with interest after they saw his online profile, and were very excited to adopt their first dog together -- they even bought supplies and a name tag before they met him!
Jaxon's mom (on the right) adopted him in record time after his arrival at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. She has always had rescue dogs and really missed having one so she visited the center where she met her new puppy.
Juliette's new family had been keeping an eye on her after we posted her story on our Facebook page, however they recently lost their dog and didn't feel ready to adopt a new one yet. After Juliette had been available for a couple of weeks, they decided to complete an adoption questionnaire for her. A meet-and-greet was scheduled at her foster home and they fell head over heals for this little lady.
Benny's family are second time adopters with ACPB -- they adopted Sammie earlier this year. We had hoped they would adopt a second dog, as Sammie thrives among other animals. After a few months in her home, it was clear that Sammie was missing a canine companion so they began looking for a dog who would fit into their household.
When these first time fosters contacted us we paired them with Nellie knowing that she would be a great fit for their home. They decided that she was indeed a perfect match and eventually adopted her! Nellie is settled in her home where she is adored and has a fantastic life.
Brody (fka Clyde) has been adopted! Brody's family contacted us with interest in adopting a second dog, and we thought of our Clyde. His now family was quick to realize that he was a total catch and adopted him right away.
Keeley's family met and adopted her at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center after contacting us with interest. We felt that Keeley was a great fit and encouraged them to go meet her at the center. Needless to say, Keeley won them over with her sweet disposition.
Kirby (fka Marvin) has been adopted! Kirby was only with us for a short while when he joined ACPB alumnus, Luna and her family! They'd been in contact with our adoption coordinator with interest in adding a second dog to their household now that Luna was older. We knew they had the experience and patience for another round of puppy antics, and Kirby was the perfect match.
Ozzy's family met and adopted him at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center after they contacted us with interest. Our adoptions coordinator spoke with them and it was decided that Ozzy, with his impeccable manners had the potential to be the perfect new addition to their family. They went to the center and immediately decided that this handsome hunk was the one for them!
Beau (fka Toby) has been adopted! Beau's family met and adopted him at the NKLA Pet Adoption Center. They previously had a dog who passed away, and Beau's new mom follows us along with other rescue organizations on Facebook, which is how she found him.


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