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50 pounds
Energy level: 
Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
Foster home needed: 

Jenny’s not the type to come to your house and help herself to a glass of water--she’s a quiet and polite houseguest, mostly preferring to hang in her crate during the day and then cuddle up on the couch for a movie night. That’s how Jenny prefers things for a while--she needs some time to feel at home. Her foster mom says slowly, but surely, Jenny is showing the dog that is inside of her: “Even though she’s shy, I know she’s in a good mood when she wiggles or hops up onto the couch enthusiastically!”

A patient family that’s willing to play the long game when it comes to bringing Jenny out of her shell would suit her perfectly--the sights and sounds of the world are still pretty scary to her, so having your steadfast support through it all (and your couch snuggs at night) is all she asks for! She’s got a mellow energy, so she’s happy to stick around the house and yard to keep things low key until she builds the courage to take on more of the world.

An important note Jenny wanted to make sure we included is that she is a big fan of peanut butter, cheese, and perked up significantly with take out from Dave’s Hot Chicken entered the house. She may be a bit of a DoorDash aficionado and would happily help you select the most delicious smelling dinners Los Angeles has to offer! Jenny would prefer to be your only dog at home, but could potentially live with a feline friend with a proper introduction.

About 3 years old and 50 pounds, Jenny is crate-trained, house-trained, micro-chipped, up to date on routine vaccinations and knows her basic commands.

Photos of Jenny