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80 pounds
Energy level: 
Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
Foster home needed: 
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If you missed the story of the Wuzzles: On a hot summer day, the Wuzzles were picked up on an ill-advised walkabout. One of them (Butterbear) was suffering from extreme heat stroke, and the rest (Hoppopotamus, Bumblelion, and Eleroo) weren't in great shape, either. All four were varying shades of fearful of the big brave world.

Over the past months, they've all been getting spruced up medically and emotionally. Eleroo is the most timid of the crew, and is looking for a quiet, calm, patient home where she can take things exactly at her pace...which is sloooow...and with not very much eye contact or touching until she's ready. If you can get down with a plan of "so much less is more," Eleroo would like to chat! It's all about the long game with her--she just needs a fam to take the leap. In her current foster home, after weeks of no touching and no pressure, Eleroo is showing off silly play bows and twirls.

What started as careful approaches for teeny sniffs and pets are now full on demands for pets and pats--she sometimes even gets distracted from going outside because she wants a tickle from her foster mom! (Hey, we told ya--sloooow!) We hate to be so specific, but Eleroo's environmental set up is important for her success. Direct and easy access to a private yard is key for this cautious lady. She would prefer to have some canine emotional support at home (she likes calm dogs of any size), and has been completely unimpressed by cats, so she's happy to go home with them, too.

About 5 years old and 80 pounds, Eleroo is crate-trained, house-trained, micro-chipped, and up to date on routine vaccinations.

Photos of Eleroo