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65 pounds
Energy level: 
Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
Foster home needed: 

Disney is playful, silly, and an absolute sweetheart. He loves to cuddle, and is medium-to-high energy. In a relaxed, quiet home, he is quite mellow, preferring to snuggle with his people; yet out in the yard or on hikes, he will eagerly keep going. He can be a bit shy at first, but is the kind of dog that melts into your arms as soon as he befriends you. He is a total goofball, so much so that you cannot help but smile when in his presence.

He lives in a foster home with other dogs who are older, and he is quite respectful. With younger more active dogs, Disney loves to play with abandon. He responds really well to routine, loves structure, and gladly follows his leader. He is great on walks and hikes, and could be a great running partner. With some guidance, Disney prefers to walk beside or behind you, always checking in - especially for treats. Sometimes in new situations, Disney can be a bit shy and insecure, however with patience and a calm energy, he quickly overcomes it. Disney prefers to take a minute or two when meeting new people and once he does, he likes people of all shapes and sizes. When Disney sees someone he knows (and especially his family!) he does the cutest happy, prancy-pony dance. Then, because he has been taught not to jump up, he'll drop down and start army crawling instead, cracking everyone up at his antics.

Disney is a little over a year old, and is a fairly big boy weighing about 65 lbs. He is crate-trained (he loves it), house-trained, microchipped, neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and knows all of his basic manners. Contact us at to meet Disney.

Photos of Disney