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Puppy With A Broken Jaw Needs Your Support


Last week we were alerted to an 8 week old puppy with a fractured jaw. He was found injured and running the streets. Unable to find medical help for him, they brought him to the West LA Shelter.

Through a wonderful good samaritan, he was transported to a vet hospital for urgent care. She reached out to us, and we are pleased to announce that the little guy has joined Angel City Pit Bulls! Brodie the puppy,  had a thorough exam under anesthesia, which revealed that he has two fractures of his lower jaw and a large amount of swelling. His tiny little jaw hangs open and it is unclear if this will be permanent. The surgeon believes that Brodie's injuries were likely caused by people. That said, he remains a happy, playful little guy.

At this point, he does not need surgery, as the fractures are stable and non-displaced. He is starting to eat soft food and seems to have a good appetite. He was staying at the vet for a little while to make sure he is comfortable, able to eat, and gain weight. We have a foster home lined up for him when he is healthy enough to transition from the hospital.

We are fundraising for his aftercare and appreciate any assistance you can offer. If you would like to help, please donate to his Chip In page, and check back there for updates. We are so grateful for the support, and so is Brodie!


What a cutie and again how COULD anyone hurt this baby? I wish I could do more.

He's so cute. Punim means face in yiddish, it's a good little name for him.

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