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Meet Aimee: Become A Foster Today

Meet Aimee. Just before the holidays Aimee was brought to the shelter as a stray ...young, undernourished and with a bad case of mange. With seemingly not a care in the world, Aimee sat in her kennel, happily wagging her tail while adopters overlooked her. Although her hairless and flaky skin could barely conceal her sweet disposition, people continued to pass by her kennel.

We spotted this little diamond in the rough and two days before Christmas, with a committed foster family in place, Aimee trotted out of the shelter and on to a bright future. Since then, little miss congeniality has been spreading her special stardust onto everyone she meets. She is truly irresistible.

There are many more dogs just like Aimee ...dogs that need our help. The only way we can help them is with committed fosters - loving families who can see the shining gem waiting to be revealed. We want to help more and more dogs like Aimee; we need your help in order to accomplish that goal.

Fostering is a no-cost, no-risk way to become a direct part of saving lives. We provide all supplies, food, training and medical care for each dog we take into our program, and have a devoted team of foster staff that provide guidance and support 24 hours a day.

We are happy to report that Aimee has been adopted by a loving family, however there are so many other dogs who need our help.

Help us to help them today - contact



What people do to these dogs breaks my heart.

Once this sweet dog is done with the mange, she'll look like the beautiful angel she is.

Aimee is ADORABLE. Met her in December. I want.

I have a Doby and I'm looking for a playmate....we recently had to put down our 15 year pomerianian

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