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Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
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Callie came to us by way of the South Los Angeles shelter and here is her bio, as per her awesome foster parents!  

Callie is a sweetheart of a dog, who wants nothing more than the affection of anyone she meets. Her eyes light up whenever someone walks in the room, and her excitement upon being let out of her crate manifests itself into a tail wag that ends up shaking her entire body, with a huge smile plastered across her face (which is only more adorable when her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth).

She is crate trained and house trained, and is very good on walks, staying by our side and rarely pulling. She is still learning proper manners around other dogs, but her excitement to play is a work in progress. Callie knows basic commands, and seems eager to show them off in the presence of guests. When her pleas for affection are not met with a nice rubdown, she will entertain herself by rolling around on her back and flicking her arms in the air, and her love for her stuffed animal keeps her tail pounding against the ground with each squeak.

The most wonderful thing about Callie is that she is so communicative with her emotions. Whether it’s with her tail, her tongue-hanging smile, or a deep sigh when no one will pet her, it’s never hard to figure out what is on Callie’s mind, making her feel like a member of the family almost immediately.

Does Callie seem like a fit for your family?!

Photos of Callie