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Fuzzy Nelson

Fuzzy Nelson

50 pounds
Energy level: 
Up-to-date vaccinations
Basic manners
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We aren’t sure who sent Fuzzy Nelson here or what he's doing on Earth. What we are sure of is that this very special dog needs a very special home for however much more time he needs to complete his mission. Fuzzy Nelson wins over everyone he meets with his elfish grin, his pointy ears, and his captivating gaze. With his saucer shaped head and ridiculously cute wonky gait, we knew there was something special about Fuzzy, and after consulting a neurologist, we learned that all of his unique characteristics are related to a neurological condition, hydrocephalus, that may shorten his life. Recently, he’s had some changes that indicate his disease is progressing.

Fuzzy is looking for a special home that will help him collect as much information as possible before he heads back to his home planet, whenever that may be. He loves snuggling, complete with shimmying his head under your arm to get extra cozy. He trots around like a little pony when he’s excited, and he always looks like he’s smiling. Fuzzy loves to sunbathe and nap, complete with adorable snores.

His previous foster family says that everyone who meets Fuzzy instantly falls in love. “He’s seriously the most loving dog we’ve ever met!” Despite his medical prognosis, Fuzzy takes just one pill a day and only needs slightly more frequent potty breaks (but sleeps like a champ overnight!), and makes for an easy keeper.

Fuzzy Nelson needs to be the only pet at home, and requires a private yard with solid fencing. Fuzzy Nelson is eligible to be a Forever Foster as part of our ACPB Angels hospice program--when you commit to Fuzzy, ACPB will continue to provide medical support for his lifetime.

You can see more from Fuzzy Nelson on his instagram account @fuzzynelson! About 3 years old and 50 pounds, Fuzzy Nelson is crate-trained, house-trained, micro-chipped, up to date on routine vaccinations and knows his basic commands.

Photos of Fuzzy Nelson