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The ASICS LA Marathon Goes to the Dogs!

IT'S OFFICIAL - the ASICS LA Marathon goes to the dogs! We are so pleased to announce that Angel City Pit Bulls has been selected as an official charity partner of the 2014 ASICS Los Angeles Marathon on March 9, 2014.

This is an amazing opportunity for us to spread the word about pit bulls as wonderful family members as well as our work to educate and advocate for humane treatment of dogs in our community. We have a great group of runners (and those who have never run before) already committed and we will be hosting training runs and other related activities over the next few months. This is a fantastic way to prepare for a marathon. You will have a support team (pit crews!) by your side to help you plan for and accomplish your goal.

Registration for the race opens on Tuesday, October 1. We would truly love to have you and your friends & family join our team - our invitation code is 2ACPBM4E. Register here!

ASICS LA Marathon charity runners are encouraged to raise a minimum of $500 for their designated charity. We hope that you join us for fundraising - your support will help us save many more lives in 2014. Think of what we can accomplish together!


I would love to participate. I'm a walker though. Is that OK? Also, will you have the pups there? What a great motivator that would be!

I don't believe dogs are allowed, but if you want more info email


I am signed up to run this event and have been somewhat fearful of the course. This has given me a whole new motivation to run this race. When I can I would love to donate to another pitty cause! run for love!

I would like to congratulate the persons behind this wonderful blog. You've done a good job.

Hi my name is maria barajas i have a 1yr 4 mnths pitbull he got hit by a truck and is now suffering from nerve damage on his left front  leg the doctors said it could be fixed but with lots of therapy and exercise please help titan run on his four legs again and we love our baby with all of our heart hes so playfull so loveble silly he gets tired being on three legs when he eats he gets tired if he walks along way please help us donate anything you can anything is good weve taken him to acupuncture and in two weeks he will start hydro therapy he needs at least 6 to 7 months of therapy acupunture lazer and hydro therapy doctors told us he need two times a week but since we can berly afford once a week we are takimg him once a week but its really hard on us to even take him once a week beacuse our low income and we barely make ends meet but we try and if we cant go once a week we wait but doctors said its important to take him at least once a week we are taking him to c.a.r.e in los angeles  ca and we live in ontario ca please anything will help us i will post pictures as he continues to go to therapys thank you in advance

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